Frequently Asked Questions


What Does CourseCal Cost?To the educator CourseCal is free. Always. The student pays a nominal fee of $5.95 per course for the full-featured platform. In our pilot testing, students said over and over that the full-featured platform is well worth the price.

Why Don’t You Use Advertising For Revenue?

We think the founders of WhatsApp hit it on the head in saying, “No one wakes up excited to see more advertising, no one goes to sleep thinking about the ads they’ll see tomorrow.” We wanted to develop a system that simply creates value for users, not one that’s clogged up with ads. So you have our promise; you will never see an ad in CourseCal and we will never sell your email address to anyone.

Why Don’t You Sell To The Institution Like All Your Competitors?

If we charged institutions, then they would pass on the cost to students anyhow. In fact, this is one of the philosophical issues we have with institution-wide software: students pay for it whether their professors use it or not (and many professors currently do not). With CourseCal, students only pay for it if their professors adopt it. We believe this model makes much more sense. We made a product that Faculty and Students want to use for its simplicity, reliability and mobility. If we can do this then we will have met our goal; to help us all teach more and manage less.

Is CourseCal Easy To Use?

Yes, it is so easy to use that we will build your first course for you. Just send us your syllabus. It is ridiculously easy. The entire premise of the platform was designed around how you already manage time and work in your life; on a calendar. So, you don’t have to learn anything new.

Am I infringing on my University’s Licensing Agreements by using CourseCal?

Absolutely not. In terms of licensing agreements, using CourseCal is no different than creating your own website to communicate your schedule or share materials with your students. CourseCal is not intended to replace your institution’s learning management platform; it is intended as an additional tool for keeping professors and students more organized with a simple, reliable and mobile course management tool.