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About Us

CourseCal was founded by three college educators, Jay, Alec and Lloyd, because we all suffer from the same frustration you do; enterprise solutions to course management that just don't work they way we want them to work. Acting on this frustration, we set out to build a platform to be exactly what we needed it to be, following a few basic principles:

1. It needs to be simple and straight forward;
2. It needs to do less, not more;
3. It needs to be mobile for both us and our students;
4. It needs to be an effective time and workflow management process for both us and our students.

We heard from students about their stresses in keeping up with all of their course schedules and making sure they were preparing the right materials on the right days. And we knew from our own experience the headaches it causes when everyone isn’t on the same page.

We have funded this project out of our own pockets and we don't pretend to be the next great solution to everyone's needs. We are not for everyone, but we believe our solution offers some of you an immediate and substantial improvement in your experience with delivering courses.

Pilot tests of CourseCal have confirmed the benefits; students and professors find CourseCal a much more effective management platform. It is easy to set up and manage courses. It is easy to incorporate material from the web and to make changes to the schedule and content. Students love it and have expressed again and again how much easier it makes their lives. Professors and students are both more confident that the right material is being prepared on the right day. All of this adds up to a more enjoyable course experience.

Why have we done all this? Because all of us deserve a better process for delivering our courses. We believe this so much that CourseCal will build your first course for you. It is just that easy. Give us a syllabus and we will get it done. Then you can play with the platform. A live demo of your own course. If you really feel the frustration, like we do, then you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Thank you for stopping by,

Jay, Alec and Lloyd

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