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Leave us your email and we will contact you when CourseCal goes live. If you attach a syllabus, then we will set up your course in our system so you can see whether it is a good fit for you.

Experience The Benefits

Less is More. Cloud is Better.

Simple: You and your students use a cloud-based calendar to manage the time and workflow demands of a course. You don't have to learn a new management system.

Reliable: The combination of a cloud-based calendar and cloud storage provides you and your students real-time schedule and content updates. This gives everyone more confidence that students know what they should be doing, know when they should be doing it, and have the right materials to get things done.

Mobile: With the platform and your content located in the cloud, you can create, edit and take your courses anywhere.

Discover The Features

You will love what we've built for you and your students.


Pre-populated Planner: Your students’ calendars come pre-populated with your schedule and course material, so they have everything they need right at their fingertips. Furthermore, the platform is very mobile-friendly, allowing students to access the schedule and materials wherever they go. Students will have more confidence in knowing what they should be doing, when they should be doing it, and with the correct materials to get it done.


Real Time Schedule Updates: Drag and Drop functionality makes it easy to facilitate the inevitable course schedule changes that come up during the semester. Changes you make show up immediately on the student calendar. No confusion, no hassle. That is what CourseCal is all about. Simple. Reliable. Mobile.


Real-Time Content Changes: With the integration of Dropbox ( and Google Drive coming soon), you can change your content and simply save it. CourseCal securely links your changes all the way through to the student view of the course calendar, ensuring that students have immediate, real-time access to the most current version of content. It is simple for you: edit your content, save it, and you're finished!


Cloud-Based Features: Free yourself and your students from enterprise platforms that don't work well. Now you own your course, your content and your platform. Take your classes anywhere you are teaching and be ready to go with no extra effort. Students own their courses too, which will be permanently archived for student access (coming Fall 2014).


Students Love CourseCal

The benefit of being organized is the extra time it gives me and CourseCal helps me with that. With JL there is much less clutter, it is easy and simple to use. I'm used to working with calendars so being able to organize our courses in a calendar is great.

Katie Hasslinger


One simple to use easy calendar, with everything right there in front of you. With CourseCal, if there is a change to schedule or content, I never have to question what I need to get done for the day. It is easy for the professor. I'm more confident in my ability to time manage. There is a very clear benefit to me.

Mitch Mandel


I know for a fact that I am more successful in courses that use CourseCal. There is a lot of confusion in changes in schedule. If there is no actual reset schedule, if it is just word of mouth or new paper syllabus distributed by the teacher, then confusion reigns.

Robbie Harrel


I log a physical planner day by day, but I forget to write things down. It is so nice to have an application that alerts me of due dates, changes to requirements. It is much better then digesting email notifications and hard copy syllabi updates. Prior to CourseCal, these changes created crazy levels of unnecessary stress.

Mariann Kulkielka


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